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Who We Are

The Chief of Staff Roundtable is the definitive and trusted source for Chief of Staff resources and support. We offer dynamic and accessible programs to help our members find exactly what they need to succeed in their Chief of Staff journey.

The Problem

The Chief of Staff space is full of one-size-fits-all resources for a role that is highly-contextual and varied. Thus, Chiefs of Staff are left to scavenge the fragmented CoS resource landscape for resources and support to fit their unique needs.

Our Solution

The Chief of Staff Roundtable helps its members find what they need to succeed by assessing their resource and support gaps, developing personalized paths to invest in their own success in their role, and building unique platforms to reinvest in the success and vitality of the overall profession.

Why Membership?

Becoming a member unlocks the following resources and support for your Chief of Staff journey:

  • Curated networking (priceless!)
  • Vetted resource library ($805/year value)
  • Peer-learning cohort ($1,250/year value)
  • On-demand 1:1 coaching ($2,000/year value)
  • Personalized development plan ($1,500/year value)
  • Dynamic forums and events ($600/year value)